Senior Web Developer associated with Sunlab GmbH

Languages used:
C#CSSHTMLJavaScriptMicrosoft SQL ServerSQLiteTypeScript

Frameworks used:
ASP.NET (Core)Azure DevOpsDockerGitHub ActionsJestNode.jsUbuntu Server

Target platforms:

The project

Founded in 2011, Sunlab has grown to be part of the top 18 Google performance-agencies in Germany.

Responsible for a wide array of marketing tools for business customers like Thomann (Europe's biggest online retailer for musical instruments and production hardware), Sparda-Bank (a union of eleven cooperative banks founded in 1896 in Frankfurt, Germany) or Media-Saturn (Europe's largest retailer of consumer electronics; second largest world-wide, after American retailer Best Buy), Sunlabs main objective is integrating their set of tools and processes to serve their customers when and wherever needed best.

Additionally in-house-built software like music2me (a bilingual, web-based virtual music school) or LocalUp (a suit to simplify marketing for local businesses across all major marketing platforms), Sunlab merges building creative solutions from the ground up and their existing collection of partners, marketing knowledge and software, to best serve each individual customers need.

My tasks 05/2019 - 09/2021

Joining in May of 2019, I was responsible for upgrading Sunlab's own time-tracking software Heartbeat, an ASP.NET Core-based web app.
With the launch of the 3.0 version of Heartbeat, the software was used to spearhead cloud-based deployment strategies via Docker and Azure DevOps inside Sunlab, which I was responsible for arranging and executing. Additionally, application stability and security was increased through the integration of the End to End integration testing-framework Cypress, presenting an additional first at Sunlab.

With the redesign of the sign-up process for music2me at the end of 2019, I was responsible for adapting the deployment strategies and software testing architecture to an existing project and already established software engineering team. Given the already present team of UX designers, frontend developers and backend software engineers, processes like code reviews and automated build pipeline reports were established, to ensure code quality across both the newly built and already existing code bases.
Additionally, I was joint-responsible for assisting newer members of the team in creating integration tests for the already present web application, to ensure seamless integration of the new sign-up, without interrupting other parts of the app.

My software development work mostly focused around decoupling and designing a payment interface, designed to be used across multiple apps build both for and by Sunlab. Aside from allowing the main music2me-codebase to focus on core functionality and allowing for a seamless transition from ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET Core, it also served as the first customer-facing project inside Sunlab, making full usage of widely known and established software deployment workflows.