Senior DevOps Engineer @ associated with Interone

Languages used:
C#JavaScriptMicrosoft SQL ServerTypeScript

Frameworks used:
ASP.NET (Core)AzureAzure DevOpsDockerKubernetesNode.jsTerraformUbuntu Server

Target platforms:

The project

Interone is part of the international BBDO network of Omnicom Group; the second-largest advertising holding company with 77,000 employees in over 100 countries in 2014 according to the The Wall Street Journal.

BBDO operates as a full-service marketing agency with a broad array of customers. Industries include food & beverage with Pepsi and Guinness, non-profit humanitarian organizations such as the American Red Cross and SOS Children's Villages and transport like BMW Group and MAN.

Interone specializes in producing digital experiences including, but not limited to, the development and design of web, mobile and social media presences, collaborating with customers, external partners and related services providers of BBDO alike.

Eponymous for the "Drägerman", Dräger is a manufacturer of medical equipment such as breathing and protection instruments, gas detection and analysis systems, and noninvasive patient monitoring technologies.

My tasks since 04/2022

As the main point of contact for all things DevOps at Interone, I'm responsible for engineering automated pipelines and platform/software infrastructure in collaboration with customers, planning and execution of implementations in collaboration with external operations service providers and education of in-house software engineers about microservices, cloud-based hosting, and related software design and deployment patterns.

Tasks include:

  • automated software and dependency updates via Renovate and coordination with licencing teams
  • establishing code quality measurements via SonarQube to objectify technical decision-making and prioritization with engineers and management
  • maintaining internal tools to manage development environments via Docker Compose, Kubernetes and Terraform
  • preserving and updating technical documentation via Markdown and Vale
  • reducing friction for implementation and use of logging and monitoring for services via Elastic