Objective Hermeneutic Interpretor Tool associated with INCHER-Kassel

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The project

The OHITool extension is an extension used in a Virtual Research Environment based on Semantic MediaWiki and allows reaserchers to carry out Qualitative Analysis of social interaction using Objective Hermeneutical methodology.

For extensive information about the Objective Hermeneutic method itself, please refer to the articles and research papers linked below.

My tasks 02/2018 - 04/2018

Based on the original MediaWiki extension, I was joint responsible for realizing changes requested by Isabel Steinhardt PhD and Chris Buchheim during his internship at INCHER-Kassel.

The extension is hosted on sozmethode.de, a platform dedicated to determine the advantages and disadventages of hermeneutic interpretations done online, in comparison to conventional in-person sessions.
See both official announcement- and review-post on hypotheses.org

In accordance to open science-guidelines, the source code is available to the public and can be used to recreate the experiments framework.